startup box

Ambitious plan for an ambitious one. This plan is a single page website with premium templates. Been hosted in one of the best hosting company. Best for you who need company profile. 

research based

Based on UI/UX reputable research, we curated some of the best open source web design elements in the world.

stay connect

It is important to stay connect, then we make your website as a hub to the real you via WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.


This plan come with worthy price but sadly it doesn't include copywriting, catalog page, SEO, and other custom task.


But no problem, not to spend too much for your startup. Hosting, domain, and premium templates are included in this package.


Frequently Asked Question

In digital era, everyone must place a thing in digital radar. If your social media is your favorite place to add your ad then website is your home. A place which give any validation about you and your business. Good decorated website make your guest sure in case to execute your offers. 

Whether you choose GoldBox, UKM GO, or DiamondBox we will give you a website including hosting, domain, and website layout. Other features you can get in case you click “learn more” button in every box above.

We offer you one year minimum contract, in the next year you will be asked to prolong your website. 

You can click our floating chat button right in the bottom right of this website. You can talk to us via WhatsApp or Messenger.

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